Buying Harbourfront Ferry Tickets

The famous ferry terminal, Harbourfront located in Singapore is well connected to some of the important ports of Indonesia. The area is well connected by road and rail as well, to major parts of Singapore. Hence, you won’t definitely miss this place, if you visit Singapore. There are several other factors as well, for not missing this place.

All tourists or businessmen who prefer to travel by sea will definitely make their way along the gates of the cruise center of Singapore. The Harbourfront ferry terminal which is the regional terminal is located just ad joint to the cruise center. Hence, if you have a plan to visit the Batam or Bintan Islands, then this is the place.


There are specifically three islands of Indonesia to which you can pay a visit from the harbourfront of Singapore – Batam Center, Sekupang Batam, and HarbourBay Batang.

Ferries Singapore to batam start daily at around 8 in the morning and are available till 9:50 in the night. These are mainly operated by two companies, Sindo ferry Pte Ltd, and Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd. The price ranges from 22 to 23 Singapore dollars depending on the ferry company service, you choose to avail. The number of passengers allowed at a time in the ferry also varies from 10 to 12. You can visit the site for at any time and choose your preferable seat. You can book them and keep your travel plans intact.

While you are returning back to Harbourfront from Batam Center, you will get services starting from 6 in the morning till 8:40 at night.


With the help of, not only shall you have the comfort of booking your seats from home and well in advance, but also you can get some discounts. Hence on an overall basis, you will surely end up in making a genuinely good decision for your budget as well. You will save your time on top of that, as the entire booking process will take you hardly a minute or so to complete, since it is very straightforward and simple.

Sekupang in Batam is another place which you can travel to using the ferry service from Habourfront. However, there are only two onward services available throughout the day, both in the morning at an interval of 1 hour, starting from 8:45. Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd is the company providing the service. They have a capacity of 10 seats and charges around 22 Singapore dollars. The journey back to Habourfront from Sekupang has almost the same specifications. The only difference is that the services are available at 6:05 and 7:30 in the morning.

The last option you have to travel to in Indonesia from Habourfront is HarbourBay. Horizon Fast Ferry with a capacity of 10 and charges of 18 Singapore dollars starts with its services from 8:15 in the morning and are available till 9:35 in the night. The journey backwards are available from 6:10 in the morning till 8:45 in the night.