Buying Harbourfront Ferry Tickets

The famous ferry terminal, Harbourfront located in Singapore is well connected to some of the important ports of Indonesia. The area is well connected by road and rail as well, to major parts of Singapore. Hence, you won’t definitely miss this place, if you visit Singapore. There are several other factors as well, for not missing this place.

All tourists or businessmen who prefer to travel by sea will definitely make their way along the gates of the cruise center of Singapore. The Harbourfront ferry terminal which is the regional terminal is located just ad joint to the cruise center. Hence, if you have a plan to visit the Batam or Bintan Islands, then this is the place.


There are specifically three islands of Indonesia to which you can pay a visit from the harbourfront of Singapore – Batam Center, Sekupang Batam, and HarbourBay Batang.

Ferries Singapore to batam start daily at around 8 in the morning and are available till 9:50 in the night. These are mainly operated by two companies, Sindo ferry Pte Ltd, and Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd. The price ranges from 22 to 23 Singapore dollars depending on the ferry company service, you choose to avail. The number of passengers allowed at a time in the ferry also varies from 10 to 12. You can visit the site for at any time and choose your preferable seat. You can book them and keep your travel plans intact.

While you are returning back to Harbourfront from Batam Center, you will get services starting from 6 in the morning till 8:40 at night.


With the help of, not only shall you have the comfort of booking your seats from home and well in advance, but also you can get some discounts. Hence on an overall basis, you will surely end up in making a genuinely good decision for your budget as well. You will save your time on top of that, as the entire booking process will take you hardly a minute or so to complete, since it is very straightforward and simple.

Sekupang in Batam is another place which you can travel to using the ferry service from Habourfront. However, there are only two onward services available throughout the day, both in the morning at an interval of 1 hour, starting from 8:45. Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd is the company providing the service. They have a capacity of 10 seats and charges around 22 Singapore dollars. The journey back to Habourfront from Sekupang has almost the same specifications. The only difference is that the services are available at 6:05 and 7:30 in the morning.

The last option you have to travel to in Indonesia from Habourfront is HarbourBay. Horizon Fast Ferry with a capacity of 10 and charges of 18 Singapore dollars starts with its services from 8:15 in the morning and are available till 9:35 in the night. The journey backwards are available from 6:10 in the morning till 8:45 in the night.

Penang Botanic Gardens

Penang Youth Park

The public park of Malaysia, Penang Botanic Gardens is located in Jalan Air Terjun in George Town. There is rapidly streaming waterfall near to the Gardens and hence it is also known as the “Waterfall Gardens”. Charles Curtis supervised the construction of the Botanic Gardens which got its establishment in 1884. Before its establishment there were two botanical gardens in Penang. During the period from 1794 to 1806, it was the Spice Gardens. However in 1822, it was urged by Singapore Botanic Gardens then superintendent Sir Stamford Raffles to establish a garden. It was at that time when the kitchen gardens were established. However, the garden was sold in 1834 by Governor Kenneth Murchison due to his lack of interest.

The present Botanic Gardens also suffered a lot of setback before its final establishment. In 1910, it was proposed that the valley where the Gardens stood would be developed for a reservoir. However the garden withstood the threat as the proposal was dropped and a small reservoir was built near to the Waterfall. Charles Curtis was appointed as the superintendent of the Gardens. He was an effective designer and proved his motivation by changing the garden area from just a tropical valley with nutmeg plantations to pleasurable and recreational Botanical Gardens. However, nowadays much of the Botanical Garden’s administrative responsibility is handled by the Penang State Government. Since the change of hands took place, there has been a change in the purpose of the Gardens as well. Much of the botanical activities gave way to normal park-like activities. Today also a lot of botanical research and ecological programs take place in the gardens on a national and international scale. The programs mainly deal with the garden’s cultural heritage, green landscape and wide variety of botany. You will definitely increase your knowledge in horticulture and taxonomy on visiting the place.

The main reason for the increasing number of tourists in this place is the garden’s green landscape made up of its valley region with tropical rain forests surrounding it. There is also a beautiful 400 feet waterfall at the Penang Waterfall Gardens. Since the waterfall fall under private property you need to get in touch with Penang Water Authority before paying it a visit. In the 1960s, the waterfall was stopped from being a public place due to security reasons. The reservoir present at the feet of the waterfalls was renowned for its quality water. However, only a small proportion of the water is used for supplying to the Penang household.

A common sight in the Botanical Gardens is the Rhesus monkeys. There are 200 of them and you would definitely not miss them. It is advisable to visit the gardens in the morning, since the tourist crowd won’t be there and you will feel refreshed by the cool atmosphere. The wide varieties of trees in the garden include Betel Palm, tamarind and bamboo. You can reach out to the place by bus from near to Komtar building.

Glamorous Kuala Lumpur for Tourists

Kuala Lumpur will always remain the heartthrob for tourists visiting Malaysia. No 
other tourist destination can take its place due to its skilled city planning keeping in 
view the requirements for tourists. The Kuala Lumpur City Center often denoted as 
KLCC is a must visit site for tourists as it denotes multipurpose development area 
for entertainment, business & commercial purposes. Thousands of tourists visit 
KLCC every year as they are aware of its significance ranging from shopping, 
dining, recreation etc. The Kuala Lumpur City Center is denoted as the heart of 
Kuala Lumpur due to its myriad number of attractions. KLCC was built to handle 
the growing number of tourists as it features prominent hotels, restaurants, cafes, 
shopping malls etc. Besides, many tourist from Singapore will take bus from
Singapore to Malacca and then visit Kuala Lumpur too.
Another attraction with immense popularity after KLCC is Kuala Lumpur China 
Town. Tourists & people often come over here to buy cheap household articles & 
other electrical devises. Thousands of people flock to the streets of China Town 
roaming around all day long & buying useful products as per their convenience. For 
shoppers, it’s a bargain paradise as customers shop consistently & saves money as 
well. Though, most of the revenue is generated from tourists who buy loads of 
products as memorabilia for their loved ones. The China Town hosts several 
restaurants offering Peranakan dishes among one of them is Precious Old China 
which has decorated its interior with old antiques. These antiques denote the 
colorful history of china. 
People travelling to Kuala Lumpur can’t stay away from shopping. Those on a short 
duration in Kuala Lumpur should end their respective journey with a shopping 
spree. One of the biggest malls is Pavillion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall which 
hosts range of boutiques, retail outlets, luxury goods stores, apparel stores, 
entrainment complex etc. Tourists coming from different regions have never seen 
such an amazing mall in their lifetime as it was build up on a massive piece of land 
comprising of two residential towers, one office & a mall. By far, it is the most 
famous tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur. 
Another amazing place for tourists is Berjaya Times Square with more than 700 
retail outlets, IMAX Theater, spa center, game arcade, cinema, supermarket & 
many more. It is another example of Kuala Lumpur’s dominance over South East 
Asia as Berjaya Times Square has distinguished itself as a prominent tourist 
attraction with more than 10 floors incorporating public departments along with 
hundreds of outlets.